Directory Listings for SEO

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What are directory listings?

Think back to yellow pages or white pages, you remember those big door stop books that sat next to your landline, that you would refer to when trying to find a phone number for the butcher down the road. Well now they are located on the web and you complete a keyword search on a search engine like Google or Bing.

How do they work?

What you are listing is your NAP, which is short for name, address and phone number or your business. Currently their are 350 directory listings available on the web. Imagine getting your details listed that many times! So the more directory listings you have the more Google or Bing sees your NAP that points to your website. Pretty easy hey!

NAP details must be accurate

What you have listed on your website as your business name, your address and your phone number must be the same on your directory listings. The search engines are smart and know that by marrying up those details makes you pop up more often for certain keyword searches. But if you ever move premises, change you phone number or change you business name, then you need to update you directory listings to match you website details.

Directory listings and SEO

Have you ever noticed when you search for something in Google, you get most of the time a picture of a map with 3-4 options of the closest businesses to you ranking for those keywords. That is what we call the map pack and being in the top 3 gets your business NAP listed at the beginning of the search results. Being visible so high up in the search results is what people look for when they start to scan through the result options.

Who can complete my listings for me?

It’s nice to know that you can search for these directories and list your business yourself, but it is time consuming and I can bet that by the time you get to about 15 or 20 you would most likely have given up. SEO services Brisbane can offer you a great package which get you listed on all 350 directories. These are all hand done by a person and not a computer so listing is confirmed, checked and marked off as completed. Be careful of cheap offers as computer completed listings don’ go through correctly and you end up paying for 350 with only 50 that actually work. Expect to pay between US$1.00 -$3.00 per listing.

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Five things you Need to Know about SEO

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The internet is presently being used for many purposes and is probably one of the most reliable sources of information and income for many businesses. Every business today is trying hard to not only have an online presence but also stay relevant in the digital world. Search Engine Optimization comes in to ensure that your business website ranks on search engines and generates traffic.

When it comes to SEO strategy, things are always changing every year, and every business has to keep up. The market today is more human-centric which means every business organization must have a customer-centric approach in order to succeed. Here are five things you should know for search engine optimization success this year.

High-Quality Content, No Tricks

In the past, businesses could easily “cheat” or rather develop tricks and shortcuts rather than developing a killer SEO strategy. Search engines such as Google have been working so hard to ensure shortcuts and SEO tricks no longer work like in the past. Google keeps an eye on websites that try to play tricks or cheat it. One of the best ways to win the race in your SEO strategy is to ensure high-quality content on your business site or blogs. Content is King and is always given preference. Start creating content that will inform and add value to your target customer about your product or services.

Keyword Optimization

If you want search engines to help you, make sure your business website can easily be found. People searching the internet for products or services use specific keywords. You should, therefore, come up with relevant keywords and key phrases that your customers are using to search your product, service or any other relevant information. Tools such as Google Planner, Moz, or SEMRush can be helpful when coming up with the right keywords. Be sure to use high search keywords especially those with minimal competition.

High-Quality back Links

A couple of years ago, you could pay for links and take shortcuts without really developing a fully thought-out strategy for your campaign. This no longer works in the present world of SEO. As mentioned, Google is becoming better and smarter every day. It loves backlinks. Backlinks are the links you get from other external websites. Coming up with fake backlinks won’t add any value. If you want to get backlinks to your business website, consider listing your site on industry portals and online directories and blogging or writing content on third party websites. You may also issue press release regularly.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Understand that keywords must be smartly placed in your content, website URLs, and titles. They should flow within the content and make sense. Avoid stuffing the keywords within the content.

Meta-tag is not for Optimizing

What’s a meta-tag? Well, those paragraphs that appear right below your website’s title are what are referred to as meta-tags. Unlike in the past, you no longer need to mention keywords in those tags. Your focus should be to come up with meta-tags that appeal and convince your customers to visit your site. This is what distinguishes you from your competition as it’s designed for clocking and not optimizing.

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